Adding a Threshold Alert to an Asset

Within Track, threshold alerts allow you to be notified if an asset is exceeding a threshold value as specified by you, the user. 

How to Add a Threshold Alert 

  • From Track, select Map view. 
  • Select an asset for setting a Threshold Alert. 
  • Click Details
  • Click Edit (at the top). 
  • Within Threshold Alerts section, select Alert + to create a new threshold alert.
  • Select a value in the When dropdown options.
    Average Miles Per Gallon
    Coolant Level
    Coolant Temperature
    Diesel Exhaust Fluid Level
    Diesel Particles Filter Regen Status
    Fuel Level
    Oil Pressure
    Oil Temperature
  • Choose a user from the Add Recipient dropdown options. This is the person that will receive the threshold alert. 
  • Select an Is value from the dropdown options.
    Greater Than or Equal to
    Less Than or Equal to 
  • Enter the applicable Value in value field. 
  • Click Save. Your New Threshold Alert has been saved!